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Stump Grinding

Here at A Proud Tree Services, we believe that the removal of unsightly or obstructive stumps is an important part of maintaining wooded areas and areas where trees have been planted for decorative purposes. That's why we offer stump grinding in Coventry. Stump grinding isn't the only way to remove an unwanted stump, but it is the most efficient and the least damaging method available.

How does it work?

We use a special piece of equipment known (simply enough) as a stump grinder. This tool uses a rotating blade to chip the stump and its roots into small wooden fragments that can be easily removed.

Why is stump grinding the best stump removal option?

It is possible to uproot a stump using brute force. However, this method can be equipment-intensive or labour-intensive. It can also leave the ground where the stump was removed looking churned-up or ragged. Stump grinding reduces the stump to manageable chips. This makes it far easier to dispose of without tearing up the ground too much and without resorting to sheer force.

If you have an unwanted, unsightly stump on your land, contact us today: we can get rid of it quickly and efficiently for a price that you can afford.

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