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Conifer removal

With changes in gardening trends and tastes you may not want your conifer hedge or tree any longer. Conifer trees are a great evergreen species for gardens but can also turn into a problem.

Problems with conifers:

Disruptive roots

The roots of conifers are generally shallow, but can spread considerable distances, withdrawing moisture from the soil and damaging patios, foundations and nearby gardens.

Blocking out light

The year round greenery of conifers is an attractive feature, however once they grow to maturity they can block out considerable light in homes and gardens. The Leylandii in particular - a very fast growing coniferous tree - can reach 100ft in height, blocking out light, restricting views and causing neighbour issues.

Unsightly die off

When a conifer tree or hedge succumbs to pests, fungal disease or adverse weather conditions they can develop brown patches of dead foliage. Conifers have little capacity to regrow from old wood and these unsightly patches can mean that the tree or particular part of the hedge needs removing.

With over 35 years of tree surgeon experience we can help with conifer removal in Coventry and the surrounding areas.
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