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Crown Reduction & Thinning

If a tree's canopy becomes too large and too dense, it blocks out light and can interfere with the growth of other plant life. What's more, if a canopy becomes too dense and far-spread, the risk of branches falling and causing damage to property increases. Luckily, there are two options for reducing a canopy that has grown too large. We offer both crown reduction and thinning in Coventry.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction involves reducing the overall size of the canopy by cutting back branches while maintaining a balanced, natural-looking shape. Crown reduction is particularly useful if a tree's canopy has spread over your property and you're worried about falling branches, or if it is interfering with the growth of other trees.

Crown thinning

If a tree's canopy becomes incredibly thick and dense, we can remove certain branches at their natural boundary with the tree or parent branch in order to reduce this density. Because it follows the tree's natural growth pattern, crown thinning maintains the appearance and health of the plant. It can be used if a tree's canopy blocks out too much light or has become too heavy for the tree to properly support.

If you have a tree with an excessively large or dense canopy,get in touch with us today. We can reduce it or thin according to your needs.

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